It was a performance in the Europa school. The name of this piece was

„A slug in the shoe“. We were all students oft the 5thand 6thclasses.

When we arrived there were already lots of students in the sportshall.

We should took off our shoes and put them in to a plastic sack.

The plot was about Megan and his mother Nina and Jack and his sun Luke.

It´s a family story. Megan and Luke are at the same class, but they didn´t  talk

together. Because they think girls are stupid and boys are stupid too.

The parents fell in love and the kids try to sabotage that.

They fillted vinigar in the vine , they put a slug in the shoe, they put

Pepper-cury  sauce of the chocolate cake and they threw stinkboms.

Finally Luke and Megan are friends and accept that their parents came

together. We came back at school at 11:40. It was a great english lesson in the


Jolien Hanschke